OpenSea stays on top by adding MATIC and SOLANA blockchains

For all those who avoid NFTs on the ETH blockchain because of the insane network gas fees there is good news. On Top NFT Auction Platform OpenSea you can mint, sell and buy NFTs on the MATIC and SOLANA networks ! Don't be confused when you see the price tag in ETH even on those superior networks. ETH on Polygon (MATIC) can be swapped to MATIC easily. If you want to buy something minted on the new MATIC network like the MtGoxNFT which is on high demand now

MtGox NFT on MATIC blockchain - unique early bird BTC hodler item
Unique Mt.Gox.NFT minted for Bitcoin Hodlers on the legendary MtGox Exchange by its former owner Mark Kapeles. GRAB NOW ON OPENSEA

Or get a beautiful pieces of art like the Animated 3D Metal Nickel Head

Open Sea NFT on MATIC 3D metal nickel head featured art
These NFTs are on the (Polygon) MATIC network. To buy them you will have to make sure you have enough MATIC. How to ?
Install or use METAMASK browser extension on CHROME CHROMIUM FIREFOX.
Scroll down until you find Add Network.
Enter in the Polygon settings as follows:
Network name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency: MATIC
Click Save.
Why not on Binance or Kraken ? Because Coinsbit Exchange is the only one that lets you withdraw MATIC on its native blockchain to Your Metamask Wallet with a fee of 0.03 MATIC only. After you have enough ( Polygon ) Matic in the wallet you can easily swap them for ETH on MATIC and avoid the risky and expensive ETH to MATIC BRIDGE.

IMPORTANT UPDATE September 2022 accepts payments in MATIC. No need for ETH on the Polygon Matic Network anymore.

Another option now available on OPENSEA is the SOLANA network. Make sure Your Metamask Wallet is on this blockchain if you are interested in NFTs like Stoned Kangaroos


NFT the Gay Way

Demons Mating Season

demons mating season
Wow. What a title. And what a Demon Stick. Click on Pic and the demon can be yours. But on this 1st day of July 2021 everybody is busy with Free NFTs from twitter. One is not for touch. Why ? Some guys like furry bodies. Another twitter NFT shows "Vitamin T" which looks more like another blue booster pill.

Do you like goats ? Like Erdogan and Böhmermann ? Here is a cute and sexy one:
Seksi Goat for Erdogan

And the best thing: You can buy the goat. Jan Böhmerman, can you hear me ?


Are NFTs Art ? And Where To Find Gay A Very Gay NFT ?

This cartoon definitely looks quite queer. It is a gay cartoon named MONSTER MASH and can be found on the Global NFT Platform TWINCI

twinci nft gay cartoon monster mash
This cute squirrel too caters to gay men in partcular.
are there gay animals
Not so sure however about The House That Jack Used To Show Off...
the house that jack built to show and jack off
Global Heat and Heating are other topics; and all NFTs shown here are suiting anyones budget. The Prrices May Heat Up Soon However. If you love gay arts, being an early bird may well pay off since most artists in the queer world still do not have the technical skills needed to get this nasty stuff online for sale as a Non Fungible Token.
Above Bangalore, India - below Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey NFT gay art
cool stuff NFT network
So stay tuned. It is not so much about luxury goods but very exclusive items from the famous designers & artists, and upcoming Live Auction bidding with TWIN and BNB tokens. Exclusively available to Collectible token holders. Get involved now and have a chance to win the first ever Collectible NFT! Auctions of Non Fungible Tokens with their physical item as a Digital Proxy of a Real World Asset to create authenticity and exclusivity will soon be available. Only one piece available of each NFT in the entire World. Authenticity guaranteed. Compete with Twincis TWIN token holders all around the World to win Collectible Non Fungible Tokens. TWIN tokens can be held and bought through major safe wallets like Metamask and Trustwallet.


Bangkok Gay Sauna Babylon Closed Forever - Alternatives

Bangkoks Gay Sauna Babylon was demolished - no real replacement as of May 2023

Always busy with Asian Guys and occasionally 1 - 3 farangs
UNDERGROUND SAUNA very close to BTS Saphan Kwai
open 12 - 24.00 daily - 180 Baht / Sat + Sun + holidays 200 Baht
Wednesdays 17.00 - 18.30 Rooftop Orgy
Fridays around 19.00 Mask Sex Party
NAKED DAYS: Tue Wed Sun - other days Underwaer / mixed
Good place if you LOOK for an alternative sauna with many mature guys



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"mi piace fare le seghe (e anche qualche altra cosa) ai superdotati. all'inizio solo le seghe (per il resto se ne può parlare). Mi piace farle perché mi piace far godere l'altro, riceverle mi piace meno. Il resto lo faccio con le donne (visto che il termine "etero" fa infuriare le galline...). Incontro a milano. scrivetemi su dedelp AT (stesso indirizzo anche per msn)"

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"Me gusta ser un chico atrevido soy un chico atrevido para las chicas o los chicos que deseen verm"

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This desk is very clean, looks like it was just polished with this tool...

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Bareback Street Whore Saga

Of Bareback Cumsluts and Forced Street Whores

Yeah, it's strong stuff we are dealing with today. 
But it's real ! No fiction. But just wannabe situations? Find out.
But not before you know all about the

Dangers of Barebacking

If you want to live on and have some fun in the years to come.

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TOTAL Bareback bottom cum-dump slut - 35 (Bangkok)


I am looking for some hot bareback action in Bangkok. I am a TOTAL bareback submissive, slutty bottom and love to be fucked raw by as many guys as I can! I love the feeling of a nice, hard, throbbing cock going in and out of my ass and I love to feel the hot sperm dripping down my leg! I want to be used and dominated by lots of horny boys who love and need to fuck!! Love to have LOTS of boys breed my ass!! Would like to set up some weekly bareback party's at a sauna or hotel on a weekly basis!! I also have my own place for late night pump & dumps as well! I LOVE SPERM!!!!!!

Are there any good sex clubs, saunas, bath houses, bareback party's around? I also would like to make some bareback porn as well, so if anyone knows where and who can do that, definitely let me know!! Love slings, partying, and a good gang-bang!! VERY wild here too!

When/if you reply, please send some updated pics and I will do the same! Looking to get as many guys as I can to have a wild & VERY, VERY, hot time!! I know you boys are out there!!!! ; )


Well, you stated that you are adults. These pics look hot and temptating.
However, think for a moment. With a lifestyle like that 
this guy IS HIV positive 

Toby is a white, 35-year-old, HIV-negative gay man who came to see me because of depression and loneliness. A successful and ambitious architect, he worked exceptionally long hours to make partner in his firm. His last relationship ended during his final year of graduate school, after 2 years, and he had not had another partner in almost 10 years. Because of his intense focus on work, Toby had not taken the time to cultivate deep friendships. He did have a group of people with whom he would go to clubs to dance a few times a month. Typically, during those outings, he would take M D M A (E c s t a s y) and smoke m a r i j u a n a. He said it helped him lose his inhibitions and cut loose on the dance floor. At the end of the night he would usually end up going home with someone he had just met    ......
 On the weekends when Toby stayed home, he either met men in online chat rooms for sexual hookups or went to sex parties. Again, his attitude toward condom use was passive. If the other man wanted to use them, that was fine with him. But if the other fellow never brought up the topic of condoms, neither did Toby. It was clear that he was well informed about HIV transmission and about the risk he took of becoming infected by barebacking. When I explored this passivity toward using condoms, he explained that he worked such long hours and so intensely that when he did have time off it was essential that he be able to stop thinking and just go a bit wild and lose control. Ostrow and Shelby (2000) describe psychotherapy with men like Toby who use drugs to enable them to lose inhibitions and engage in fantasy s e x that they might otherwise have difficulty engaging in without guilt or remorse.

Read the whole article HERE
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Do you live in Thailand?
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Have option and contact to use me as forced whore?
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Then contact me asap: info AT

I'm open minded, not shy...

Im also available for porn shootings !!!

I'm from Germany. But I travel frequently to Thailand."
He is now in Pattaya. Want to see how he is Sucking a Huge Cock in a private video ?

Are you coming to Thailand ? 
Apart from the Fantasy Land of Pattaya
there are places with even better beaches and more 
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Looking for Some Cock in Krabi - 32 (Krabi)

 Hey all. I'm a white western guy living in Krabi. Just looking to hookup with some GL western guys. If your passing through send me an e-mail and we can get together. I'm normal, discreet, and clean. Backpacker passing through? Why not swing by and get your travel-weary balls drained! Please send a cock pic when you reply!


Horny bicurious boy looking for some H€LP - m4mw - 23 (Berlin NK)

 So I think the title pretty much says it all, looking for someone who's down to suck my dick, lick my balls, eat my ass, I guess its up to you, not really looking for full on sex/penetration though. Maybe if the chemistry's right. I only top.
Send me some pics and a little info about yourself and what you might have i mind.
New to this so not really sure what else to write in here.

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 (IM AN UNCUT SCALLY BOY WANKER! for lads who love to watch and wank off too lads dicks. love to watch lads wanking, wearing gear, smoking or just want a hand wrapped around their dicks.) hello im tony, im living in south manchester. originally from Merseyside (Birkenhead & Liverpool). I am quite fit, started gym again as a routine, studied BA Graphic design Degree. see some of my work at: (When your profile pics are 6 years out of date, it is only yourself you are kidding!) im currently working in a bar/pub and a hotel. Don"t fink its relevant to go into more detail, we are all on here shoot our load! (...present company accepted, soz ladies!) ...not to apply for a place in Mastermind! but if you are in awe of my charm already and cant wait another day without finding out more about me, use that link below (copy+paste even) or message me!, but im only on here wen im horny!,... so you can get me night or day, 365 days (except for wank holidays)

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All About Creating Buying Selling NFTs

The Exciting New World Of Queer NFT