OpenSea stays on top by adding MATIC and SOLANA blockchains

For all those who avoid NFTs on the ETH blockchain because of the insane network gas fees there is good news. On Top NFT Auction Platform OpenSea you can mint, sell and buy NFTs on the MATIC and SOLANA networks ! Don't be confused when you see the price tag in ETH even on those superior networks. ETH on Polygon (MATIC) can be swapped to MATIC easily. If you want to buy something minted on the new MATIC network like the MtGoxNFT which is on high demand now

MtGox NFT on MATIC blockchain - unique early bird BTC hodler item
Unique Mt.Gox.NFT minted for Bitcoin Hodlers on the legendary MtGox Exchange by its former owner Mark Kapeles. GRAB NOW ON OPENSEA

Or get a beautiful pieces of art like the Animated 3D Metal Nickel Head

Open Sea NFT on MATIC 3D metal nickel head featured art
These NFTs are on the (Polygon) MATIC network. To buy them you will have to make sure you have enough MATIC. How to ?
Install or use METAMASK browser extension on CHROME CHROMIUM FIREFOX.
Scroll down until you find Add Network.
Enter in the Polygon settings as follows:
Network name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency: MATIC
Click Save.
Why not on Binance or Kraken ? Because Coinsbit Exchange is the only one that lets you withdraw MATIC on its native blockchain to Your Metamask Wallet with a fee of 0.03 MATIC only. After you have enough ( Polygon ) Matic in the wallet you can easily swap them for ETH on MATIC and avoid the risky and expensive ETH to MATIC BRIDGE.

IMPORTANT UPDATE September 2022 accepts payments in MATIC. No need for ETH on the Polygon Matic Network anymore.

Another option now available on OPENSEA is the SOLANA network. Make sure Your Metamask Wallet is on this blockchain if you are interested in NFTs like Stoned Kangaroos

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