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 ...on the beach or

Doing it at your Local Library

was always considered a favorite pastime when the air in the library was filled with dry dust.

What kind of material they used for the floor now ? Read the 'Master Notice' above.

The University of St. Andrews may have found the strangest excuse for a rise in tution fees in the whole world. 

Universities in Berlin have been also famous for 'juice releasing activities' but have mostly been closed  now. So the new trend goes to anonymous private action. A real alternative to all the online fun. Up-to-date locations for that in Berlin 

 An interesting idea is the mix between cyber and real: you apply with a photo via email or Romeo and have to approved...

Todays blog contains mostly guys who like outdoor fun:

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In most parts of the world the outdoor swimming season has already started. 
It really can be exciting to try the following while showering:

 Actually the thrill is to act innocent while getting hotter and hotter.
Example, soap yourself, stroke  a little, pretending its part of cleaning, at the same time turn your face towards your target for few seconds, then turn away and continue stroking with the soap.
The other party will be able to see your hand movement.
Repeat this a couple of times.
I have actually seen people doing this and did this myself few times.
Act as though nothing happens when towel dry same time as your target.

Have seen another case, where the guy was in his swimming trunk soaping up.
When he sees me, he pull down the front of the trunk to soap and massage the inside parts, then wash away the lather for a better view.
He repeated this a few times, quite exciting.

 You do know that much more happens in the pool shower rooms? 

 There was once when I finished my swimming routine at Jalan Besar Stadium, by that time the pool was closing, so the few remaining swimmers (mostly guys) were all asked to shower up and leave.

You can actually see the reflection of the person in the next cubicle when the floor is wet.
Hence, I chosed a cubilcle next to a between 25-30 years old looking, around 170 fit chap with short military style hair. :P

Started clening as usual and ocassionally looked at the reflection of that chap in the next cubicle, I realized after a while that he was doing the same thing (looking at the reflection). Both of us kept on trying to pretend to shower for around 15 minutes and he was done and he left the cubicle.

I was a bit turned on by then and I started JOing in the cubicle ( by that time only both of us and an old uncle were in the boys toilet ).
He came back in to cubicle next to mine and lcked it and started staring at the splash of water. Haha It was fun. :D

When I am done and out, he was out in his tight fitting T shirt and his upward pointing tool (standard size and shape). He was not shy with that uncle still around and openly tried to tease.
Well, I could have gave him a BJ :wacko: but the life guard was right outside the  entrance waiting for us to leave the place.

What is shriz ?
letshavefun331 on skype (he is a collegeboy) will know it, ask him.
In case he is not online, sign in with FB here
In the mean time learn this:

shriz - Definition of shriz , meaning of shriz 

when you use your jiz as hair jelSome examples : i use the shriz every day

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Cam Freaks and Freak Cams

this is real freaky, isn't it ? And in near living seize as well. Most of you will probably not find it a big 'turn on' but wait...
With excess (sorry, access) to more and more extreme content fetishes become the norm. Or not ? Yeah, it depends on what you ... and  you ... and he ... prefers.
Jeans, underwear, rubber, latex... 
Or just plain skin ? With more and more people experimenting in their own laboratory or bathroom, cellar or good old bedroom
diversity is king (or queen.)

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 Generally there is a growing trend of ordinary people engaging more and more in sexual activities online. Camming has grown over the years as bandwidth and internet connections have become more prevalent around the world. With webcams prices dropping and most laptops having built in video devices, it becomes very easy to show your body to the world. More and more people doing it and there is much viewing choice. But is there a good business there for beautiful people?


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The answer? Yes. There is a difference in the way in which guys are presenting themselves. It is obvious which guys are there for the purely exhibitionist nature of it all and which of them try to make a quick buck, I can’t speak for the girls simply because I don’t watch them (surprise?
I hope not!). From my observations, the average or below average looking guy tends to engage with his viewers and answers questions or requests. They like conversations (ignoring of course the jerks out there) and exciting each other…and life is good.
Of course there are those online that are there to make some cash, either  CAM4 tokens  or in the case or real world cash.
These guys are different from the exhibitionist guys, they mostly don’t show anything more than their chest or underwear (if you are lucky) and spend most of the time ignoring their viewers until someone show interest in them (monetarily of course). Interestingly, these guys often tend to have profiles stating that they are straight or bicurious but are willing to accept payment and be gay for pay “.

 Like dannymalcolm on CAM4 - his profile says straight single 23 USA

 and online at the same time on CAM4 was aladdynhot
19 y/o USA straight - even the sofa looks the same

They mostly have above average to good looks (plus the occasional really hot guy). The way they sell themselves is also rather clever, they put up some really artistic profile pictures and status messages indicating that they can be bought. Throw in a bit of suggestion and some teasing and you have yourself a recipe to make a lot of cash.
From what I have seen, $150 will get you roughly 45 mins of one on one action, generally on Skype with a “straight” guy…not bad to obtain the otherwise near impossible I suppose as some people like the idea...
skype cammer wanted:
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There are also some stripper guys. Those are the guys that will take off one piece of clothing after the other or perform an increasingly suggestive act of pleasure if the manage to get the tokens. This approach seems to work well but not without some frustration to the viewers. Since most viewers are simply viewers not willing to pay, the comments become more and more desperate as a camming session goes on in order to persuade the small percentage of people with tokens to ' throw them onto the stage'. It get’s quite boring after a while of nothing but hip swinging or dancing. Sometimes these guys take tokens and run before fulfilling the promises made to their viewers, be aware.


The world of camming is rich and full of interesting people. Besides the biggest site there are camfuze and chaturbate. And the private fun on Skype of course!

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