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 MSN london_dom06 AT

CAM4  london_dom06

london_dom06 is from Bromley UK
a popular local hook up & cruising area there
are the 2 car parks at Croydon Road Cumminside with woods in between

He is 22 y/o and looking for older guys

also looking for couples He describes himself as gay

Look at the pubic hair ... it's a sweet Asian guy near Pattaya
from the port city of Laem Chabang Chonburi Thailand

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You know it from the family photos;
Not everybody looks great on pics
The same goes for webcams

Most of todays nicks from Skypers who gave their ID on facebook actually show no face.
So their book value might go undiscovered. But as always in life: Try it out first. 

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So some of todays guys are not really super models on cam - but they may be funny
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petitmort 47 on skype 59 year old curious male 

 "Sex is liberating, stimulating and a great deal of fun. I don't like labels, but I understand why we have them. I hope everybody here uses the toys we carry with us every day."

 petitmort47 AT

 smoking kills - sucking heals

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 ageogescu on camfuze 43 from Bulgaria
kiss,come on my messinger yahoo or skype: popescu_ion90

 girolamo6970 AT 35 Male France Bicurious 

 If you want to cam2cam, my ID on both YahooIM and Skype is: 
 39 years old (Capricorn)
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Interests: Wanking, cam2cam
  • Occupation: Wanker
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    remember to do it now
     "o sorry mate, I have to work" 

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    DAMN this guy is hot. Very cute, sort of scruffy look he has. Those balls are begging for the tongue too hehe. Take care and enjoy guys! On cam and in real life.

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