Its like you cum for hours or for days

Do you remember the TV series Queer As Folk ?

In season 3 part 12 the talk went like this:
"It's like you cum for hours... for days...."

"Try it with me..." 

That was on the TV screen, but if you are screening some gay dating sites you will easily find something like:
"GWM & GAM looking for 3rd GAM top to join for hi fun, Sathorn area. pls contact for pics"
GWM of course stands for Gay White Man and GAM for Gay Asian Men
want to know the place ?  Google for 'Sathorn'. Want to know the ID ? hifunbkk

Better Stay away from this kind of fun and enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer with a clear mind or, if you prefer, a bottle of red wine. 

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