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new cam4 look but many problems with the site

 james10731 (at) 
for LADIES ONLY, so show your femm side
jamesfitness1 skype ***** mrjames18 on CAM4

BottomCreamer on skype, 27 y/o Asian
please message your age, I take any gay bi even straight...

 Skype is quick and easy to install.  Skype is always rated at or very near the top in the computer magazines regarding Internet Video calling. The picture is excellent, the refresh rate good, and the stability much better than Yahoo Messenger and MSN. 
If you miss the SkypeMe function on the newer versions or want to know more get it HERE IN ENGLISH und hier in Deutsch 

 You have to remember that Skype is truly international  and Europeans go to bed around 6pm US time and the Asians go to bed around noon our time, except on weekend when the young guys may stay up all night.  I'm back  20 y.o., skinny guy, nice , i like thin/average/muscle/cute guys  skype: daniel.twink  always ready... nick skype: allevaldo 

 skype: belgeboy23 Msm: belgeboy at CAM4 belgeboy

benjones1234 skype and CAM4

 bld4ever on CAM4 and sexnsex1 on skype
 22 y/o camboy from Thailand

Before you go to Thailand vist Farang Bang on his Bangkok Blog 
for the hidden side of the city

blueitaliano on CAM4 and skype too

bobbyransom on CAM4

gay 20 United Kingdom shaved mcfcsub on cam4
 He is a Sub

Not sure if he is Romanian or Russian, he lives in Romania or Moldovia.

He is 23 and bicurious: maliboro performs on cam4

his skype nickname is valensiv1

Many people want a hot c2c video chat 

and you can choose from many guys for that

But sometimes you need to talk to somebody

No idea if this 36 y/o gay guy from Eindhoven is available for that now 
on all  messengers: skype yahoo andMSN/ hotmail looking for top, over 25  - I am 33 italian Skype : jesusmarks

 Did you noticed the changes on CAM4 since end of May 2012 ?
The look of the site was drastically renewed but some things does seem not to work:

skype image from cam

  • New snapshots of broadcasts have NOT been captured and added to the 'Broadcast Gallery' since the update/screw-up. I really miss seeing what goes on at my favourite cam when I miss a broadcast. Let's push them to get this feature working again.

  • Edit 'Friends and Favorites' section: We can now browse throughout the list, BUT not like we used to be able to. We now can only navigate one page at a time. There used to be links to go to individual pages and to the 'last' page of favorites (like on the main 'Cams' page of Cam4). It is a hassle having to click 'Next' over and over to get to the different pages of favorites.

  • The red and green cam notifiers have not been changed. When I look through my list, I can not tell who is broadcasting and who isn't (and I am NOT color blind). The use of those tiny colored squares is ridiculous.

  • Some of my favorites are now missing from the edit 'Friends and Favorites' section. I have noticed several favorites that DO show up under the 'Users' tab to the right of a broadcasting webcam, but have noticed that those SAME favorites are missing from the edit 'Friends and Favorites' section. The 'Add As A Favorite' button sometimes shows up on cammers' pages and sometimes do not. Getting 'broken' images on some cam photos within my 'Friends and Favorites'. My CPU churns more than it used to whenever I am on Cam4. Also, the site seems slower than it was before the changes. Anybody else notice anything that isn't working as it should? 
     Another User reported:
    The odd thing is, I tried from my iPad and all those things showed up, though I know the site doesn't work on iPads and the like. Then tried from my phone, and none of those things work there. Also I used to be able to check cams from my phone, android phone, and that stopped working too now. 
    Use the comment function, or BETTER, tell CAM4 to fix the issues 

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